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What do the island and running trail look like? How are the views?
In a word, beautiful! The running path, itself, is 1.234 miles in length and circumnavigates the island. From most spots on the path, the view to the water is open. The path is 10-feet wide and is paved with brick-type concrete pavers, placed over a sand base. The path is very smooth and runnable, and is flat except for one gradual up-and-down hill section at the south end of the island. The path is also fully lighted at night.

There are 360 degree water views, variously facing Palm Beach island, the Atlantic Ocean inlet, Singer Island and the "working" marinas and waterfront of Riviera Beach. It is difficult to do justice to the atmosphere of the place on film, but check out this 3-minute video for a pretty good idea: Race Course Video

Palm Beach County, Florida also has an official Peanut Island website. View that here: Peanut Island website

Will the running path be lit at night or will I need to bring a headlamp and/or flashlight?
The trail now has permanent night lighting. You are free to bring supplementary lighting if you wish. You may find it useful if you will be using a tent, but you are unlikely to need it on the trail.

May runners and guests arrive on the island early or stay past the race finish?
Peanut Island is open to the public every day of the year, 24 hours a day. Early arrival or staying beyond New Year's Day are certainly options. You will have to make your own transportation arrangements, however. There is a very nice 20-site tent campground on the east side of the island near race headquarters. Reservations are required, first-come, first served, and may be made no sooner than 90 days in advance. Reservations may only be made over the phone: 561-845-4445 or 866-383-5730. Tent camping without a reservation may also be done during race permit days of December 31 and January 1, on the grass near the race headquarters pavilion.

What about transportation to and from Peanut Island?
Passage to and from the island for the runner and guests is provided by the race and is free. Boat transport will be from Riviera Beach Marina to the island. Refer to the "Hotels & Transportation" page for details. For those who wish to arrange their own passage to or from the island, commercial ferry service is available during daylight hours from two companies. These services are:

Captain Joe's Peanut Island Ferry, Riviera Beach Marina, 200 E 13th Street, Riviera Beach, slip 517. Phone: 561-339-2504

Palm Beach Water Taxi, Sailfish Marina Resort, 98 Lake Drive, Palm Beach Shores. 561-683-TAXI (8294)

What will the weather be like?
For the month of December, historic average maximum temperature is 78.2 degrees, and average minimum is 63.3. Mean is 70.8. Average wind speed is 9.9 mph. However, weather in December can be unpredictable, so warmer or significantly colder weather is always possible. The east side of Peanut Island is exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and can be windy. Bring a variety of clothing, including rain gear, just in case.

Why run fixed-time events?
What’s the benefit of running around a fixed-distance “track” all day? To quote from the granddaddy of fixed-time events, Across the Years: “Most runners who have tried it, even those who remain primarily fixed-distance and trail runners, admit that fixed-time running has a specialized appeal that is unlike other types of running. To quote one well-known director of trail races: ‘I see a lot of advantages to fixed time events... It's a great confidence run for people just getting into ultras to see how far they can go. It's good for older and slower runners who have a problem meeting cut-offs. It's something a young runner can enter. It's a highly social event. It's a good way to find out how fast you can run a certain distance. If folks can't see the benefits, if they dismiss fixed time events as ‘boring’, they're missing out.’—Geri Kilgariff.”

Do runners get to rest?
At "Peanut Island 24", the clock keeps running, even if the competitor does not. This is a true race to see who completes the greatest number of miles in 24 hours, or 12 hours or 6 hours. What competitors do to keep themselves moving is up to them, and rest periods are certainly acceptable. Some runners just keep on going, even if very slowly, and others take many rest breaks. As the racer, the choice is yours.

Bathrooms are convenient to the trail on Peanut Island, quite modern and open all the time.

Food and drinks?
In order to sustain necessary energy over such a long period, ultrarunners will eat throughout a race, generally 200-400 calories per hour or more. Some runners will take a break and sit down to eat, while others keep moving. The majority of runners will eat foods such as energy bars and high-carbohydrate snack foods while on the run, and often will eat a meal of “real food” on a paper plate while walking around the track in order to avoid losing time and distance. Most ultrarunners also take in plenty of fats and protein in addition to carbs, eating normal food as much as possible during the race, and lots of it. This includes items like soup, yogurt, sandwiches, potatoes, etc. This calorie intake is in addition to hydrating constantly with water, sports and electrolyte replacement drinks and supplements, like "Heed" and "Endurolytes". Food volunteers will be working throughout the race to re-stock items and add freshly prepared food to the choices offered. Breakfast will be available at or before 10:00 AM on New Year's Day at the conclusion of the race.

There are no restaurants or stores on Peanut Island except for limited snack and sandwich offerings at the museum store on the island's southeast side.  Otherwise, all food, drinks, ice and supplies must be carried from the mainland. As a convenience to runners who wish to bring their families and friends to the race--indeed, to encourage it--the race is offering non-runners the option of full access to the race food station for the entire period of the event. Cost is $30 for adults and $20 for children under 12. Being able to feed a large number of people on Peanut Island is a major undertaking, so it is vital that we know in advance the number of people who must be fed. As such, if the runner wishes to have family members or friends included, that choice must be made and payment completed at time of registration.

New Year’s Eve on Peanut Island?
Peanut Island is a family-friendly island. It is also a party destination. At the northern end of the island in good weather, large numbers of boats will be anchored in the shallow water off shore, and the partying will be extensive!  Expect some amazed, if not glazed, eyes watching you run!  At the overlook at the southern end of the island, many people will choose to stop and toast the New Year at midnight while watching fireworks from West Palm Beach. It's a very nice option to greet 2013 on Peanut Island in the traditional way!